Puli's teaser just got released. At the 10th second from the video the magic starts. Queen Meenakshi rises from her throne! She stands up, she walks, she rules. Look at the attitude! All elegance, all confidence and all regal!
What else would you expect from Sridevi but perfection and versatility!

Is this the same lady who played the down to earth sweet and struggling Shashi Godbole in English Vinglish? Yes she is the same yet her magic is different from a film to another.
Play the video on loop and enjoy watching Queen Meenakshi! 


04/07/2015 8:17am

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Sridevi really is the greatest female actress, because she could really do cope up with many great characters that is being given to her, just like in English Vinglish where she got her rave reviews. This teaser really is great and just got me excited about what it is going to be offering to the viewers, and I really am looking forward for another great act of Sridevi. Just by looking at these photos, I am already picturing in my head that it really is going to be a great film, because she already is or really is into her character once again. I am also amazed how she managed to cope up, knowing that her character at her last film is not even as close to what she is going to be having in this one.

23/08/2015 10:26pm

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17/09/2015 10:07am

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22/11/2015 7:09am

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