Any actress would dream to work for Yash Chopra. Some would not even ask about their role or a script and would say yes immediately. Sridevi worked with him in Lamhe & Chandni. Two films that are considered to be the best of Yashji's career. We all know that Sridevi rejected many Yash Chopra's films after Lamhe. 

Yashji wanted to launch his dream project with Amitabh Bachchan and Sridevi in the lead in 1999. He wanted this film to be the comeback of Sridevi, but Sri rejected the film for unknown reasons. We have no idea why she rejected his film so many times. Even Amitabh Bachchan was very keen to do the film that he asked Amar Singh to speak with her and convince her to do it. but that didn't work too. Yash Chopra has asked Sri so many times for the same project, but Sri politely kept saying no to the film for 5 times in 5 different occasions.  Finally Mr. Chopra had to cancel the whole project because he said that this role was made for Sridevi and he cannot imagine anybody else doing it.

All what we know about Sridevi's rejections in the past that she said if she is going to work again with Yash Chopra the film has to be in the caliber of Chandni & Lamhe. We think that Sridevi have taken the right decision with all the previous rejections, but for this project we have no idea but we still trust her decision. As for Yashji may his soul rest in peace he will be remembered for many years for his great work.


Ananda Weerasinghe
23/05/2015 8:20am

Nobody knows, when she reject projects Yash chpra ask Sri way you reject this? Then She recommended one of her co-actress for the role. saying Maduri, or Juhi more suitable for this than i do. with a heartier smile. that the way she ruled the industry! Not like present super heroines.


Every one has its professional life and as well as his persnal life. Similary actors also have their likeness and personal life and it is their personal matter to reject or accept the offer of movie. Sridevi also did this and we should not much discuss on this topic because she know very well about their benefit and loss.


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