This was a a beautiful article written on Bollywood Life. A poll has been conducted. One of the many polls that Sridevi won that year. The poll was about voting for the most powerful character of 2012. Sridevi won the poll with over 74% of the votes! Isn't that great? Not just the number of votes but how Sridevi played a vulnerable and fragile character and turned her in the film to a powerful one without exaggeration. Sridevi made the audience care about Shashi Godbole and made them want her to succeed. We laughed, cried, got upest for her sorrows and happy for her joy. That is what acting should be, to live a character and not just play it. Sridevi gets the full mark for that.

Another nice thing about the below article how they included some of the fans comments too. Our dear friend Rajan Naidu who is one of Sridevi's die hard fans and very well known for his immense contributions in Sridevi's fandom says "Sridevi is undoubtedly the HERO of this movie". Yes Rajan, you said it right, she is the HERO with caps, just like how she was and still is. Another fan from Dubai Khaled Khalifa shared his experience in the theater while watching English Vinglish. He clearly points how Sridevi is a universal star and has an international appeal. Yes our Devi conquered the world with her wonderful comeback. She is the most powerful woman indeed.


27/03/2015 7:27am

Yes....She is!

06/08/2015 5:19am

Yes she was a star at her time. You are providing a good info. I have many who want to know about free amazon gift cards and its generator.


It is right to some extent because it was really a powerful role in movie. Sridevi gave very beautiful lesson this movie that nothing is impossible in life. We can gain everything what we need but we have to work hard for this and should do it on daily basis and to serve proper time.

01/03/2017 4:51pm

Admit it or not, we all know how beautiful and talented Sridevi is! I know no one's perfect but Sridevi has an effortless beauty, her acting prowess is timeless! Who would not admire this lady for her personality? She has been very good in her craft and stayed grounded despite the success she has right now. Bollywood industry is different without Sridevi! I'm looking forward to see more of her acting!


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