No, this is not a tutorial or a guide of how to be a fan! because simply love cannot be taught. It just happens. & loving Sridevi just comes from the heart of her fans. Each one of us has his own ways in expressing that love. Each one shows it in his own unique beautiful way. Today our feature post is about a die hard Sridevi fan who showed it again and again. Rajan Naidu, the name must be very well known to many Sri fans and if you are reading this and you still do not know him then keep reading because Rajan can show you what a fan can do for his favorite star.

When English Vinglish (2012) was about to be released our friend Rajan went on to celebrate the occasion in his own way. He booked the whole Maxus theatre for the 7.30 pm which has a seating capacity of 290 seats! He paid Rs 5000 in advance to the theatre. All family and friends were present there to share with Rajan his love. The news got spread and reached news agencies which posted about it be it Times of India, Bharat Student etc.. It was all over the place and we were very proud of Rajan for showing this beautiful gesture for Sri's comeback film. 

Times of India said "There have been tales of fans standing in long queues for hours at a stretch to get tickets for films featuring their favourite stars. But booking an entire screen in advance isn't something one has heard in quite a while.". While  Daily Bolly said "It’s genuine to say that once a time the actress was dominating the whole Bollywood platform as the numero-uno starlet and hardly had there any comparison of other B-town actresses with her. But we got surprised to see the obsession still exiting among her fans and you will be surprised to know that one of her dead-end fans Rajan Naidu have booked a whole theatre for private screening of her upcoming movie ‘English Vinglish’ even much before the movie releases!"

 There is also a beautiful video posted by Rajan himself giving a speech there just before the screening.
That's not all. Rajan's story does not end there! It actually starts from there. He has written a wonderful post on his facebook page about his meeting face to face with The Last Empress Sridevi and how she met him and his wife warmly. Not only this but Sri has also named his first born as Daivik which means Divine. She held the baby, blessed him and also gifted him. The story is just too beautiful to be summarized that is why we have included it fully as he wrote it in a new section we have created called "FANS CORNER" where we will feature Sri's fans with their stories from time to time.

Thank you Rajan for sharing your story and experience with us. We are very proud of you.

Rajan's whole post, pics and videos can be found HERE


Deepa Bhatia
28/03/2015 4:58am

Rajan you are great!
Proud to be a part of the First Day screening of English Vinglish organised by you on 5th Oct 2012.

SRIDEVI ki koi misaal nahi,
Aur unke Fans ka jawab nahi!

Sumit Daga
28/03/2015 11:35am

The Aura n Life of Sridevi ji is like that , no one can stop him/her to love her. ! She is very humble n polite ! Rajan is really very great. ! N I can say all Sridevi fans r super rocking. ! Proud to be a Sridevian n friend with all Sridevi fans. !

Rajan Naidu
29/03/2015 10:27pm

Thats a superb and well written article. Thank you admin. Feel proud to be a Sridevian :)


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