Sridevi has officially announced her first day of shooting for her next film under her home production. She has tweeted about it. 
Wishing her and all the costars and the crews of the film all the best for this new venture. Sri has been missed since she made her grand comeback in 2012 with English Vinglish.
It is said that Sridevi has completed shooting her part in Puli and now she is concentrating on the preparations of her own home production film "Mother". Initially there were some news that Kamal Hasan's daughter Akshara will be approached but that did not happen for bad or for good. So for now Boney Kapoor and Sridevi are looking for the right girl to play that character & it seems they will be looking for a new face instead. 
The film will be more about Stepmom and Stepdaughter story. The relationship between them and the conflict that may arise. Of course this sounds damn interesting. Just give Sridevi the scope and the right subject and she can show her domination. After all this is THE SRIDEVI.
We are all looking forward for this project. How excited you are?
We all know that Puli is set to be released in 2015. The confirmed reports are suggesting that release date would be September 17th. At the moment different sources suggest that Sridevi has two Hindi film projects and one more South film in her kitty. So in total we should expect 4 films to be released for her in the future.

In Hindi there is her own home production Mother. Although the title is not 100% confirmed but we will call it that until there is an official announcement. Then there is another unannounced project of a film where Sridevi will be seen in the lead. Now will that be Balki's film project where Sridevi and Amitabh Bachchan paired together? could be possible and we think this pairing will be a very interesting one.
Then there is another South movie that Sridevi showed some interest in but did not sign or confirm it yet.

We have not included Mr. India 2 here because this has taken way long time than necessary. Although Boney Kapoor said many times that the script is being worked on but it is been taking an eternity. 

So what we think that after Puli's release Sridevi's full concentration will be on her next Hindi film Mother. If all things go well Mother might get a release date either end of this year or early 2016.
The Kapoor family be it Sridevi, Boney Kapoor & Anil Kapoor have kept everything on hold including Sridevi's own home production film "Mother". The reason is Boney's mother has been admitted to hospital and the sons have been spending most of their time with her there. 
For Anil it has been tougher as his mother in law is in hospital too. The Kapoors are going through tough times, but our prayers are with them for the well being of their beloved moms.
We all know Sridevi charged 5 crores for her upcoming Tamil film Puli (2015). Then we all know that both Sridevi and Boney Kapoor are working on their own home production film which will be starring Sri, rumors recently suggested that the title of that film will be Mother and to be directed by ad maker Ravi Udyawar. The latest rumor that has been circulating for a short time is that ad filmmaker from Kollywood Uday Wadeyar has approached Sridevi with a heroine oriented film where she has to appear as a glamorous mom. The film is about mother and daughter relationship! 
apparently Sridevi quoted her current remuneration which is 5 crores (we fans think she deserves more!) and the filmmakers accepted! Of course this could be just a rumor but we had to report it. The similarity between this project and Sridevi's own home production film is Sri in the lead as a mother, The mother daughter relationship being the main focus of both stories & both directors being ad filmmakers! 
We know not everyone can be Gauri Shinde but we hope they are both good. The below article is taken from Greatandhra.
More websites and media reports are talking about Sridevi's next film. Looks like the title Mother has leaked somehow, but we don't know for sure if Sri and Boney Kapoor will be using the title. The hunting is still going as per some sources for the right face to be Sridevi's daughter. Bollywood Life has also shared the below news with us. Click on the picture. However we would like to correct them that Sridevi's hiatus was not 17 years but 14 years. 

Another thing so many people ask why Sridevi did not do more films immediately after her successful comeback English Vinglish (2012)? Our answer is because she is THE SRIDEVI. You cannot expect her to sign any film or just any offer that comes across. She knows what suits her and what would interest her. Sridevi respects her fans a lot the way we respect her and she would make sure that she offers something relevant and that would make people talk about it positively. That is how she always was and she remained the same even today. 

Sri in the past two years rejected so many offers. Yes as her fans we love to see more of her, but that does not mean we would want to see her in just about anything! We trust her decisions and support her for them.
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Now lets get to some news about Sridevi

Puli News

We heard that Puli's first look/poster will be released in April. The cast and crew have been working really hard to finish the shooting. Everybody have been already raving about Sridevi's powerful character. There were also some news that Sridevi has been given more footage to shoot. Lets hope for the best to all the team.

Sridevi's next Bollywood film titled Mother?

Yes there are news suggesting that the title of the film will be Mother. We cannot confirm or deny that because it is still early. Both Boney Kapoor and Sridevi are hunting for the girl who will play Sridevi's daughter in the film. Although earlier reports suggested Akshara Hassan would be signed but she was not yet or might not be. A girl who will act in front of Sridevi must be as talent as her! Ooops Sorry! There is no one like Sri for sure, but whoever is signed should be presented nicely and can give her 100%. After all this is not any film. It is the film of The Last Empress of Bollywood!