Sridevi's versatility does not stop in her acting and portraying the different characters. It extends to go on to her dances on screen too. We truly believe that Sridevi is the ultimate versatile dancer in Bollywood. Yes, of course there are other good dancers there. But the difference between them and Sridevi is in the versatility and dancing as per the character. That is what makes Sri's dance outshines others. The Queen has different moods for different songs. She is a true actress. Someone who lives her characters and goes into their skins and that include the songs that involves the character too.

There are many many examples. Last can be mentioned is Navrai Majhi from English Vinglish. Sri have a small part dancing in the song but it is not her who is dancing. It is Shashi Godbole. She was totally in character.

Today is the international dance day and we have made the below picture which depicts Sridevi in different moods. She has many dances but we have chosen these 9 dances:

1- Bubbly: Mere Haathon Mein Nau Nau Chudiyan (Chandni): Sridevi in a bubbly mood doing all the dance. Saroj Khan did not want any other girl to dance with her. She said that both she and Yash Chopra wanted the full attention to be on Sridevi. The song is one of the most used in weddings and Sridevi's dance is iconic.

2- Elegant: Tandav (Chandni): Are we exaggerating if we say that there is no more beautiful tandav in the whole history of Indian Cinema than this one? Sridevi in white is so elegant and gorgeous that it really makes this like an unearthly or a dream sequence.  It is too good that words are not there to explain. This has to be the most elegantly danced and looked tandav.

3- Venomous: Main Teri Dushman (Ngaina): The Song that shot Saroj Khan's name into fame. Even though Saroj was working since the 1960s but it was because of Sridevi that she got a name. Director Harmesh Malhotra said that this song was a normal song and a normal situation but it was because of Sridevi's performance that it became so famous even today. Here you see Rajni confronts her enemy with her sharp facial expressions. 

4- Glamorous: Naino Mein Sapna (Himmatwala): Her glittery costumes, her movements, her beauty all what made this song a big hit. The song is shot very beautifully. Yes there are pans and pots but what stands out here besides the music is Sridevi's dance steps with Jeetendra. 

5- Funny: Hawa Hawai (Mr. India): Saying she is just funny is underestimation. Sridevi or precisely Seema here is just too fun in the song. The lyrics is funny but what brings it to life is her facial expressions specially in that gold costume. That particular facial expression where she closes one eye and winks is completely priceless. 

6- Rage: Dushman Dil Ka Jo Hai Mere (Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja): You want to see rage? then watch this song. Yes grand sets and props but what is more grand is the rage in Sridevi's eyes. The big teary eyes will capture your heart. For us the best moments of this song are when the camera fully focuses on Sridevi's face. The end sequence of the song is magnificent by all means.

7- Sensuous: Har Kisi Ko Nahin Milta (Janbaaz): Sensuous and also Surreal. The song has a catchy beat, an awesome lyrics. but the contribution Sridevi gave to this song is immense. This was to be shot in western clothes but Sri insisted on the sari. She told Feroz Khan that if he did not like it she is ready to reshoot in Western. The cat walk sequence was the first shot. Everyone was so impressed by Sri. Feroz Khan told his cinematographer "She is angel. I want her to fly in the sky" From there the cinematographer added the background skies to the song. Boney Kapoor challenged Shekhar Kapur to represent Sri as sensuous in Mr. India which he did in Kaate Nahin Katte. But we still think that Janbaaz song has more sensuality to it.

8- Folkloric: Morni Baga Ma Bole (Lamhe) Pallavi dancing to the voice of Lata Mangeshkar in Rasjthan's desert. The Yellow blue outfit was such a beauty to look at but it was the saucer eyed Sridevi that you would stare at all the time. The song is such a treat to listen to and watch. It is one of the highlights of the film.

9- Comedian: Na Jane Kahan Se Aayee Hai (Chaalbaaz): Have you ever felt Sridevi resembled those beautiful anime characters? If you never felt so then probably you have not seen this song. Her look, the way she dressed, her big eyes. She is so cute and funny just like those cute anime characters. The portion where she holds her white umbrella and the last part of the song where it says zu zu zu zu zu make you feel that an anime film just became real and that beautiful character came to live!

Sridevi has many more memorable dances but we thought to present the distinctive ones that truly prove that she is the best Bollywood dancer.

Happy International Dance Day guys!
We have added to fans submissions few very beautiful Sridevi sketches made by Seda. Seda is an artist from Armenia who is in love with Bollywood. She is very talented and deserves to be supported, Follow her on Twitter on @Seda_Artist 
More sketches are added HERE
Yesterday Sridevi and Boney Kapoor attended politician Amar Singh's bash. Sridevi looked radiant in a pair of glimmering slim fit trousers with a rose detailed, sequinned crop top. This is by Manish Malhotra and specifically from his latest collection Mijwan 2015. She also finished her gorgeous look with a glittering Jimmy Choo clutch  and Christian Louboutin pumps.
More pictures can be found HERE
Sridevi fans like their empress are creative and clever. Our friend Sumit Daga who is one of Sri's die hard fans has written a brilliant short story as a gift to our diva for her birthday last year. The story is about The Queen herself and he cleverly implemented his friends names who are Sri fans in the story! It is a very creative idea and very nicely written be it the choice of words or the sequence. We loved it and thought it would be something really good for others to read too. Below is just part of the story. You will find the full story HERE in Fans Corner section.
Sivakasi , Tamilnadu me 13 August , 1963 mein ek nanhi si balika ka janam hua , Mata - Pita ne bachi ka naam rakha Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan jo baad mein Shreedevi ya kahe Shridevi ya kahe Sreedevi ya Sridevi (SREE . P .GUGGZ , SRI PRASAD , SRI SRIDHAR ) ke naam se mashoor hui . Sri ka Satyartha (SATYARTHA NAYAK ) hota hai Lakshmi (LAKSHMI MOORTY ) yaani dhan ki Devi . 
Jab Teena (TEENA SHARMA ) si yaani nanhi si is baalika ka janam hua to Kisi ne nahi socha tha ki yeh baalika aage jakar apne parivaar ka aur desh ka naam itna roshan karegi . Waise to ladke ko ghar ka Chirag (CHIRAG PITOLWALA) kaha jaata hai par apne ghar Ki Chirag yehkhud hui ! Chaar saal ki choti si umra mein inhone Dev (DEV DUTTA) Murugan ka kirdaar nibhaya aur ruphale parde par jo abhinay ki Deepjyoti (DEEPJYOTI KUMAR) jagayi us se abhinay ke Sun(g)(inki)jay (SUNJAY KAPUR , SANJU JI) hui aur abhinay San(g)deep (SANDEEP MALANI) prajvalit kia jo aaj tak prakash faila raha hai jo bahut bada sach ya (t)Ruth (RUTH AGUILERA) hai . Jaise Arun (ARUN KUMAR , SHARMA) ki laalima din bhar tej hoti jaati hai waise hi inke abhinay mein din b din nikhar aata gaya aur paripakv hoti gayi . 

Now this picture is exclusive and never seen before on the net. This is from our archived magazines and we thought to share with you how Sridevi topped Filmfare magazine's list of Winners of 1987.
Filmfare wrote about Sridevi:
The Lady covered up her thighs but still she sold. Bumping and grinding her way through that blue-Saree dance in Mr. India, she oozed more sex than the half-clad Sonams and Kimi Katkars. The saving grace of so many also-rans of the year like Watan Ke Rakhwale in which she poured herself into a police inspector's uniform and the only silver lining in the gloomy Himmat Aur Mehanat. Sheeree Deveee (as sis Sheeeree Latha calls her) held on to her No,1 status without really having to bat her false eyelashes.
Sheeree also turned down offers opposite Mr. Bachchan, she played hard to get with Lata Mangeshkar for Lekin and was replaced by Dimple Kapadia, plus it's said that her momma demanded too much moolah for Shashi Kapoor's Ajooba, again Dimple was in. But does Sheeree care? Not really. Because she calls the shots, gets the money she (or her momma) demands and lives out of a suitcase in five-star hotels as long as the room service comes on the producer's expense.

Sridevi has always been on the top. If there is someone deserves to be called a Queen or an Empress in Bollywood then it is our Sridevi.
At the Colors TV Annual Party the incident happened and the different sources of media highlighted it repetitively. Lots of confusion as both their husbands were also involved!

Masala Magazine posted this:
"Apparently, Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi are still shooting daggers at each other, after so many years of having abdicated the spot of reigning queens of Bollywood! If witnesses are to be believed, the cold shoulder they gave each other could have frozen the atmospheric moisture into rather dangerous icicles!
Looking stunning, Sridevi proudly walked the red carpet with hubby Boney Kapoor. And Madhuri, who was on the same red carpet with hubby Sriram Nene, apparently saw red! Her facial expression was a dead giveaway when she saw the smiling Sri approaching. Looked like Sri was all set to say hello to Mads but had to settle for being ignored! Mads, smile still intact, apparently turned her back on Sri with amazing precision, as if to greet another guest. You could have cut the air with a knife!"
Honestly, not a big deal. We did not want to post this as it is not that important but when we saw the below picture of Madhuri Dixit and the way she looks at Sridevi we had to post it.
We can clearly say that the above picture depicts the whole career moves of both of them. Successful Sridevi smiling, moving & looking forward, while on the other hand Madhuri Dixit looking at her with what you can term as Jealousy & Envy!

Madhuri Dixit who is a media hungry celebrity appears many times on media with her wide smile but the personality behind that face is not quite the same as the smile she keeps on! We don't want to go in depth into the subject but we have to tell some important points here. Madhuri Dixit has tried many times in media or outside the media in so many ways to make fun of Sridevi or hurt her career in a way or another, but Sri has always ignored her and been victorious. 

There are so many incidents from the past and present days. From the past we can mention how she tried mimicking Sridevi in Khal Nayak, which was in a bad taste & not to forget that mimicking Sri was her own idea and that Subhash Ghai was reluctant first before giving her the green light to do it!

Then you have the incident where she demanded the producers of her film Dil Tera Aashiq to release the film the same day as Sridevi's Chandramukhi! Both films had Salman Khan as the hero, but Madhuri was thinking that Dil Tera Aashiq had a better chance of becoming a hit since her previous release with Salman "Saajan" was successful, Both the films were released and both flopped at the box office. Salman Khan was devastated and angry at her. He did not sign a film after that with her for a long time even though Hum Aapke Hain Kaun which was  signed before with her was a hit film. Madhuri wanted to hurt Sridevi's film and instead she hurt her own film too! Of course she denied it in many occasions & interviews but the producers and Salman know the truth.

There is also the Judaai thing. Madhuri Dixit was the first choice to play Urmila Matondkar's role in Boney Kapoor's Judaai but she rejected the role and asked to play Sridevi's character. Both Boney Kapoor and the director Raj Kanwar rejcted that. She asked her secretary then Rakesh Nath to do all what it takes to get the role of Sridevi, even if she had to reduce her price! Madhuri probably was unaware that Boney & Sridevi were already married at that time and that the whole project was made for Sridevi! Rakesh did his best using all the  manipulative tactics madam Dixit was known for but eventually failed. If Rakesh Nath one day opens his mouth about her, lots of dirt will come out and many will be surprised!

These are just few incidents. We can write a whole book about the things that  Madhuri said and did in the past. 
From the present she again had her own share of trying to make fun of Sridevi be it in Koffee with Karan when she commented on Sridevi's English which made both Karan Johar and the other guest Juhi Chawla uncomfortable. Of course Madhuri then became so uncomfortable when Juhi talked beautifully about Sridevi!

Then at Filmfare Awards 2013 when she deliberately did not mention Sridevi's name when asked about the good performances. She even mentioned performances that she have not seen but not Sridevi's which she already saw!

Another thing is the fake alleged standing ovation she and her fans claimed at IIFA Awards 2013! A weakly written paid article was sent to several websites to spread the fake news. 4-6 people standing from thousands of audience does not make this into a standing ovation!. How many times Madhuri Dixit danced on stage? many many times. Why there was never a talk about a standing ovation in any of them except this one? Simple answer: because Sridevi also had a performance at the same function! So how to raise her own dance above Sri's? Paid articles! Thats what her godfather Subhash Ghai used to do for her and she learned it from him!

Some of you might say that Madhuri said few good things about Sridevi in few occasions. Believe it or not, whatever Madhuri said good about Sridevi was just a diplomatic act in front of the camera and that too only when she was asked about Sri. She would always avoid mentioning her. Is it jealousy until this day? we think yes, as the lady have witnessed how Sridevi gave a successful comeback after 15 years while her 3 comebacks all tanked at the box office and that was followed by a flop TV show. In this event she probably was jealous of how beautiful Sridevi looked and because both Boney & Sri were accompanied by 4 guards appointed by the party organizers while she had none! If the organizers of the party did not think that you have a star status what could Sri do about it?

And by the way Madhuri Dixit's manipulations were not all just against Sridevi even when most were against her but she also did the same with actresses like Jaya Prada, Meenakshi Sheshadri and Amirta Singh who are better actresses than her.

A piece of advise to Madhuri Dixit, no matter how many times you smile in front of the cameras, The smile will not make you feel good because you need to change from inside. Jealousy is a bad thing and it will consume you sooner than later!
It's raining offers! Sridevi has been getting lots of film offers. Some of them leak in the media and others don't. This time we hear that there is this offer of a Telugu film with the superstar Chiranjeevi. This will be Chiranjeevi's 150th film and might be titled Auto Jaani. Although the news says that Sridevi's presence is confirmed as the leading female but of course we are still not sure if this is true or not. If true this would create a high excitement in the Telugu Cinema as this pair has delivered one of the biggest blockbusters there with Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari. Sridevi until this day is called Athiloka Sundari. 
I think we need to wait and see how true is this news.
Our Queen Sridevi has just joined the Instagram and tweeted about it. Follow her now guys.
Her first post on Instagram is a beautiful picture with Boney Kapoor just before attending the Colors TV party. Sri called Boney as her Teddybear! How cute!

The picture seems to be taken in her own house and if we are not mistaken the beautiful painting behind them is one of Sridevi's creations! It is as gorgeous as the Empress herself!
Sridevi just nailed it. Her look made heads turn and jaws drop. She appeared at Colors TV's annual party in Anamika Khanna outfit. This look is very different than any other look that we have seen her in the past. 

Many sites have said that Sridevi stole the show with her elegant style. While Miss Malini website featured Sridevi at No.1 in their favorite styled women list, IBN Live said "Each time she appears at an awards function or a high-profile event, Sridevi manages to steal the spotlight. The actress upped style quotient when she attended Colors TV bash wearing this Anamika Khanna outfit. She opted for a top knot, an interesting clutch, and matching accessories to complete the look"
More pictures of the event added HERE

Sridevi rocked it, no doubts. What do you think?
Sridevi attended Kalki Koechlin's Margarita with a Straw screening with her husband Boney Kapoor. The empress had a sleeveless pastel pink shirt on with minimum makeup. She looked very simple yet ravishing.  You can find more pictures of the event HERE

The Last Empress also tweeted about the film