Sridevi has already started shooting for the film but it seems they still have not decided on a title for it. Different news sources have been reporting different names. 
So which one of these names appeal to you more?
Please cast your vote and comment if needed. Maybe this poll might help the film makers to settle for a title.


08/03/2016 5:40am

None of the above 3 names are appealing. Should think of something else.

Kabiru Talas
08/03/2016 9:45am

To me too all the 3 Names does not sound interesting and a more appealing tatle must be checked and considered. We hope the film will mark Sridevi jhi's entry to 100crs club

20/05/2016 6:09am

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09/02/2017 4:37am

I would suggest her the title maa as also recommended by a reviewing site. She is a lot desi type person, mom, mama and mummy don't suit her much maa will be perfect.


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