Before we post our comments and view on Puli we would like to hear from you about this. In your opinion what went wrong with Puli? What was its biggest flaw? Please participate here and choose one answer. 
You are free to comment too.


Rajan Naidu
09/11/2015 12:41am

I feel the direction was very bad.... The director could have saved the damages but guess he was more interested in highlighting the hero Vijay in the film rather than concentrating on the direction... Also Sridevi's screen presence was very less to our expectations.... Visuals and CG were not very great...

Sridevi was the only saving grace in the film and did a splendid job as always... However I feel that She should be more careful while working with new directors / Makers in future.

11/11/2015 5:39am

Weak script! Instead of Vijay hurrying up to rescue his love from the queens palace the director focused on stupid songs and comedy! The movie makes an impact for some time when Sridevi comes on board. Sridevi should have been introduced early on! More confrontation between Sridevi and Vijay would have helped! Poor music! Irrelevant songs esp jingliya and Sottavala! Poor characterisation and lack of suspense being built up! Poor editing! Some scenes had bad VFX!


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