A new short interview with Sridevi has been added to the interviews section talking abou her role in Puli, Vijay & Ajay. Read it as it has some very interesting things. HERE


29/09/2015 2:19pm

I like read interviews from main characters. It makes you more prepared to the movie and allows you to draw some pictures by your imagination. I'm looking forward to releases Puli coming days as everyone I reckon.

15/02/2016 3:21am

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07/06/2016 11:22pm

Sridevi, you are an amazing actress and woman! Your speech is so correct! Once again, after the interview I love you more than ever!

01/02/2017 10:24pm

Sridevi is the nicest and most professional Bollywood actress I've ever known. Aside from her fans in India, she is also well-loved in some parts of Asia because of her simplicity and her love for her craft. She was able to give justice on her role as "Puli" and it reflected on the movie how happy she was in creating the film! There's no reason for us not to love Sridevi!


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