Puli's trailer has got so much love and appreciation from fans and critics. Sridevi showed her magic, the CGI are truly amazing and they are trendsetting. Expect more fantasy films to be made on this scale. As of today the trailer has surpassed 1.6 million views and over 50K likes on Youtube!


14/10/2015 5:23am

From its official trailer Puli looks amazing in its cast and the way they made this movie. I like it and I will wait when it comes to the cinemas. Thanks for sharing this trailer here.

16/11/2016 5:08am

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In spite of in the reduced high quality lollywood flicks, Pakistan has often managed to supply its audience together with the excellent enjoyment in shape of dramas. Although the country has got a big record of prosperous dramas on its credit, you will discover a number of the incredibly important dramas that are really cherished via the viewers of Pakistan, no matter of age and desire.


OMG, this film is gonna be a real treasure! I can't wait the opening night!


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