Another massive milestone for Puli. The film's trailer has become the most liked Indian trailer of all time. As of today the trailer has more than 6.2 million views and over 105K like on Youtube. All this indicates that Puli is gearing up for a grand release. Lets roarrrr together.


Deepa Bhatia
21/09/2015 2:25am

Puli trailer looks stunning, eye-catching & electrifying and Sridevi looks super stunning as the evil queen.


In spite of in the reduced high quality lollywood flicks, Pakistan has often managed to supply its audience together with the excellent enjoyment in shape of dramas. Although the country has got a big record of prosperous dramas on its credit, you will discover a number of the incredibly important dramas that are really cherished via the viewers of Pakistan, no matter of age and desire.

22/10/2015 2:32pm

Puli's Trailer Breaks the Records and from its trailer it is looking the best movie. A lot of people are waiting for its final release. I like that you make this review about the trailer here.


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