Puli teaser has crossed the 4 million views on Youtube in less than 5 days! Everybody is eagerly waiting for the film. Sridevi has been getting some rave reviews for her regal walk in that teaser. Also Her Manish Malhotra made gowns seems to be huge hits already. In Hindustan Times there was this article where the writer was surprised by the look that it was not of Indian queen but more of a western. These writers should first understand that this is not a historical or period film, it is a fantasy film, means it has no time and no place, they are all fictional. In a fantasy film the maker does not have to explain why he did something in a different way. It is what he wants us  audience to see. He wants us to experience his vision.


Seri Deve blow out the minds with her acting in this movie. People will admired her acting in Puli very much and the movie will rock. The teaser has already made the base in the heart oh her fans.


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