Next week and precisely in June 5th both Sridevi and Kajol will be heading to Dubai to attend the Asiavision Radio and Television Awards 2015. Sridevi will be bestowed with the Icon of India at the event, while Kajol will be the Pride of India honor. We know how both of them are very talented and totally deserving it.
To all the fans in Dubai don't miss this opportunity. Get there and be sure to take a picture or two with your favorite star.


03/09/2015 1:42am

Here we are talking about an education. Education is the most important thing in this whole world. As we can say that without having an education no one can survive in this world.

23/11/2015 9:53am

Specifically my learners while they will be serious looking over this. Thanks pertaining to giving.

10/12/2015 6:48pm

hello sir.
I am happy with what I read here, his article was written with a very nice and interesting, I can only say thank you.

07/03/2016 1:40am

We care for such details much. I was looking for this particular information pertaining to a very long period.

10/03/2016 1:42am

Thank you and will share with others. Especially my students as they will be interested reading this.

24/03/2016 9:32am

This event of presenting honor to Shri Devi and Kajol is going fabulous and rock. They both are deserving indeed.

27/07/2016 4:24am

I just don’t get it why these actress don’t get aged I have been seeing them from my childhood and they are still young. They have really made some good movies that are always going to be remembered by everybody.


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