Some dreams come true! To many Sridevi fans it is one of their dreams to meet The Last Empress Sridevi and experience the joy others have experienced. Our dear friend Lakshmi Moorty is one of the lucky fans. Lakshmi has been a loyal Sridevi fan for many many years. She loves Sridevi a lot. Lakshmi has met Sridevi in 1986, she visited her house and spoke to her parents & then Lakshmi got another chance of meeting Sri in her visit to Bay Area in California, USA. 

Lakshmi greeted Sridevi, talked to her and expressed her love too. She had made a speech in the event where she was next to Sridevi welcoming her to the US and talking about how a big fan she is. We have to say that Sridevi looked very comfortable with Lakshmi. They both posed together holding hands! If you see the below picture you can clearly notice the comfort & happiness on their faces.

 Lakshmi even recorded a video welcoming Sri, talking about her memories and how much she adores her. In the same video Lakshmi also says that she named her granddaughter after Sridevi's name. 

No matter what we say we can't express the love and admiration unless you hear it directly from Lakshmi. Watch the below superb video and click HERE to read few words from Lakshmi herself & see more pictures of the event in Bay Area. The whole thing has been added to the fans corner section.

Lakshmi ji we are very proud of you. Well Done! and thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us.


Lakshmi Moorty
11/04/2015 6:59am

Wow Glad to see this. Iam glad to share my happiness of meeting Sridevi with all Sridevi Fans.


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