There is no award in India that can justify Sridevi's talent or beauty. Many Sridevi fans are not taking these awards seriously. We have said it many times that Sridevi's biggest award is the immense love and respect she receives from her own fans. Last month Filmfare had created a new category awards called Filmfare Glamour And Style Awards. Not a big deal! Sridevi was given the ultimate diva award. Sridevi was the ultimate diva and still is with or without that award! She does not need a certificate for that. It is a well known fact that she rocks it when it comes to fashion, colors and glamour.
We have got this for you from the latest issue of Filmfare and this is what Filmfare wrote for Sri:
" Sridevi's style file has it all. She can work sarees, lehengas and Western ensembles with equal ease. You can put her in any color and she looks as radiant as neon. At 50, she can give any young star a run for their sartorial money. Her recent appearances in Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi and Missoni creations were flawless. Reams of fans continue to beg her to do more films. She is the truly the diva extraordinaire."

Yes we agree with all that. Well said this time! Sridevi looked radiant in black. She was nothing less than divine. Truly the Ultimate Diva.
You can find more pictures added to the gallery, all high quality and some are exclusive too ===> Events & Functions ====> 2015. Or click HERE


Deepa Bhatia
31/03/2015 8:27am

Very well written! Sridevi is above all these awards.

31/03/2015 11:37pm

NO AWARD can justify Sridevi's talent. She is class apart!
The most goegeous & talented actress of Indian Film Industry.

03/04/2015 9:06am

Sridevi looks like Michael Jackson....shows her age now

15/05/2015 12:42am

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03/04/2016 7:20am

TV awards are so emotional and likeable to be all the people.


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