More websites and media reports are talking about Sridevi's next film. Looks like the title Mother has leaked somehow, but we don't know for sure if Sri and Boney Kapoor will be using the title. The hunting is still going as per some sources for the right face to be Sridevi's daughter. Bollywood Life has also shared the below news with us. Click on the picture. However we would like to correct them that Sridevi's hiatus was not 17 years but 14 years. 

Another thing so many people ask why Sridevi did not do more films immediately after her successful comeback English Vinglish (2012)? Our answer is because she is THE SRIDEVI. You cannot expect her to sign any film or just any offer that comes across. She knows what suits her and what would interest her. Sridevi respects her fans a lot the way we respect her and she would make sure that she offers something relevant and that would make people talk about it positively. That is how she always was and she remained the same even today. 

Sri in the past two years rejected so many offers. Yes as her fans we love to see more of her, but that does not mean we would want to see her in just about anything! We trust her decisions and support her for them.


Deepa Bhatia
19/03/2015 2:45am

Wow! The title MOTHER sounds great!
Waiting eagerly.

Rajan Naidu
19/03/2015 3:02am

Super liked the title "Mother". Am sure Sridevi will do full justice to her character as always. Eagerly looking forward to this film :)

19/03/2015 3:41am

rumor to nahi???

19/03/2015 9:20am

Her previous film English Vinglish was a very beautiful movie. She is very choosy and signs only quality stuffs. This new film MOTHER looks to be another great film!


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20/10/2016 12:39am

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01/12/2016 4:09am

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