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A new reviews section has been added to the site where we will gather all Sridevi's past films reviews as well as all her future films reviews. Would be a good source when you want to read everything at one place.

It took us sometime to collect and gather the reviews of English Vinglish, not just the gathering but even the reading! It is really hard to resist the amount of love, admire and praise Sri has got with this film, be it from critics and public. The reviews have been divided into 2 sections. One is critics and the other is by bloggers. The full reviews are HERE

Here are few beautiful words said by the reviewers about Sridevi:

- Resham Sengar from Zee News: "After a sabbatical of 15 years, Sridevi has returned to do a meaty role in ‘English Vinglish’ and post watching the film, I have just one word for the actress - FLAWLESS!"

- Raja Sen from Rediff: "Sri excels in fleshing out her character -- a character too simple to be, say, charismatic -- and also, more importantly, in winning the audience over so completely that her little triumphs, like navigating a turnstile at a subway station, seem like major highs. We root for her at every step, and that is no small feat."

- Komal Nahta: "Sridevi makes the best comeback in Bollywood history and delivers a landmark performance. To say that she carries the entire burden of the film on her slender shoulders would not be one bit of an exaggeration. Not once does she go overboard. She gives the character of Shashi so much dignity that she doesn’t let the viewer feel sorry for her but yet makes them sympathise with her and comp­letely understand her predicament. All awards for the best actress this year should be reserved for Sridevi and Sridevi alone!"

- Rubina A Khan from First Post: "English Vinglish brings acting back, all thanks to Sridevi! Sridevi! Sridevi! Or Sridevi brings acting back in English Vinglish. Either way, it’s a winner!"

- Meena Iyer from The Times of India: "Sridevi is the backbone of EV. Anxiety, anger, arrogance, anguish, attraction, the actress conveys emotions effortlessly with or without words. Returning to the silver screen after a 15-year hiatus; Sri's performance here is a master-class for actors. So much so, that you keep applauding her, long after the lights come on."

- Taran Adarsh from Bollywood Hungama: "ENGLISH VINGLISH is unimaginable without Sridevi. Correspondingly, I don't think Sridevi could've got a more cohesive script to return to movies. This is unlike what the actress has done in the past. Think of Sridevi and you recall films like HIMMATWALA, CHAALBAAZ, NAGINA, MR. INDIA, CHANDNI, LAMHE, KHUDA GAWAH, LAADLA and JUDAAI. But the supremely talented actress also has non-glam roles like the one in SADMA to her credit. She returns to the big screen in a role that's sans the frills, spectacle and theatrics and yet wins hearts. She's stellar, in terrific form, immersing herself in this character, playing her age… so much so that after a point you forget you're watching someone who has immortalized so many characters. What you carry home, and in your heart, is Shashi, a woman who is snubbed by her children and husband on various occasions for her lack of English-language skills, but overpowers her apprehensions and insecurities and emerges triumphant eventually. "

- Vivek Bhatia from Filmfare: " If English Vinglish is a charm grenade then Sridevi is the charm. She puts the act back into acting with her performance as the resilient and compliant Shashi. She conveys the unsaid through her expressive eyes and pulls off an applause-worthy nuanced performance. From rehearsing her answers to questions that will be asked at the US Immigration counter, joining English classes and then eventually being able to make her family proud is a transformation which has been etched out perfectly by her. Subtly performed and duly underplayed this is undoubtedly one of her best performance till date."

- Sudhish Kamath from The Hindu: "The film was always going to be evaluated on how well the final English speech is written and delivered. Sridevi nails it so beautifully. What a masterfully nuanced performance this is!"

- Subhash K Jha: "As for the incandescent Sridevi, was she really away for 16 years? She makes the contemporary actresses, even the coolest ones, look like jokes with her flawless interpretation of a woman who seeks only respect because love, she already has."

- Shweta Parande from Bollywood Life: "Is Sridevi on her way to becoming India’s Meryl Streep? Or Susan Sarandon? Seriously, we don’t know if such comparisons are valid, ‘coz Sridevi is our very own Sridevi, so let her be her. Yes, those are the kind of reactions she would draw from audiences when they watch her new film,English Vinglish"

- Anupama Chopra from Hindustan Times: "She's vulnerable and sad, yet selfless and strong, in the way we all know our mothers to be. She imbues Shashi's quest for respect with genuine emotion. It's hard to imagine that this is an actor who hasn't worked in fifteen years."

- Rajeev Masand: "Shinde nails it by casting Sridevi in the central role. The actress is effortlessly charming as the neglected protagonist who discovers herself when she’s allowed to fly. She infuses the part with the right portions of vulnerability, restraint, and quiet strength, delivering a performance that is nothing short of perfect."

- Lisa Tsering from The Hollywood Reporter:  "Indian screen legend Sridevi triumphs in a gentle, but affecting, story of a woman’s awakening self-respect.Fans of Indian cinema need no introduction to Sridevi, the star of more than 200 movies: admired for her sparkling comic timing, dancing prowess and acting chops, “Sri” ruled the marquee from the mid-‘70s to the early ‘90s, It took a very special project indeed to lure this very special talent back to the big screen, and English Vinglish is it."

- Martin D'Souza from Glamsham: "
The story is very modern, yet archaic; sober, yet hard-hitting. And adding punch with lots of pizzaz to the entire duration of the film is Sridevi. She has come back with the proverbial BANG! Probably, this has to be one of the best knock-out return of an actress who once ruled the roost."

- Mansha Rastogi from Now Running: "Sridevi not only looks beautiful but also matures as an actress. Her portrayal of a vernac housewife who is determined to change the condescending perceptions about her is pure brilliance. Her flawless portrayal clearly testifies once again why she was and still is a superstar!"

- Amer Shoib from The Cinema Journal: "English Vinglish a hilarious, touching, sensitive, and sweet film that marks the triumphant come back of India's biggest female star...Sridevi."

There are many many wonderful words written. Read the reviews that you have not read before. We will add more when we come across new ones.


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Wowwwwww. Great!
The best review by Subhash Jha.

Leena Goenka
23/03/2015 8:55am

Sweet old memories. We fans were so happy after reading these reviews.

23/03/2015 11:07am

Such a lovely thing reminiscing the sweet success of the sweet film. Best review was by Subhash Jha. Most triumphant one is from Raja Sen. Biggest achievement for EV was from Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian. He gave it 3 stars. A rare feat considering he never reviews regional films. But his review was short and sweet and he didn't elaborate much on actors.

23/03/2015 11:11am

beautiful review few reviews are too much awesome!

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