This is a nice tribute to our roop ki rani Sridevi. A slide show we have created from a medley of 27 of Sridevi songs. This was released in 1989 and we have not seen it anywhere on the internet so we thought you might like to listen to it.  The medley is sang by Poornima, Vindo Rathod and other singers. It is around 50 minutes!
Of course the original songs are way better but still we thought to post this due to its rarity, Happy listening and don't forget to thumb up our video!

The video has also been added to Videos ==> Our Creations section, HERE


Sunil Saxena
25/03/2015 6:45am

very nice video

Naina Agrawal
25/03/2015 7:51am

Super Like!!

subhash goyal
25/03/2015 11:27am

bhaut aachi gaane hai Sridevi ji keeee

25/03/2015 1:04pm

Very very good collection and great attempt to give tribute

Rajan Naidu
25/03/2015 9:40pm

This is super awesome... thank you :)


It is a lovely tribute for Siridevi. I like that you are so innovative to make it for her. A lot of fans love to hear these songs and it helps them to remember these songs as well as the movies.

13/12/2016 9:28pm

Sridevi have a great collection of music she is also getting fame in the Indian music and film industry. They are also known as one of the top artist in the film industry.


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