<![CDATA[Sridevi: The Last Empress of Bollywood - News]]>Mon, 14 Aug 2017 00:21:20 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Fans wishing Sridevi a happy birthday (Video)]]>Mon, 14 Aug 2017 06:16:16 GMThttp://sridevi.biz/news/fans-wishing-sridevi-a-happy-birthday-videoAs a birthday gift to our diva Sridevi, many fans from around the world wished Sri a very happy birthday in a video that was posted specifically for this occasion. The video shows many things, one of them is how Sri's fans are very loyal to her in a big way. It also shows that Sri's fans have no particular demography! All different ages, from all different nationalities and from different countries around the world!! Such a variety in fan base only an international film star gets and that is what our Roop ki Rani is. She always had this great international appeal that not many Bollywood stars enjoy.

First we have to thank our friend Deepa Bhatia who created this wonderful video and made it available to all of us. Then we have to thank our friend Puneet Sharma (Sri's fan club artiste) for helping Deepa in getting the videos from the different fans & his painting for the thumbnail pic of the video. We also thank Deepa's daughter Mahek for helping her mom in making this video. Finally a big thank you to all Sridevi fans who participated in this video and made it possible. We hope Sridevi loved this small birthday gift from all her fans.
Deepa Bhatia has posted another small video talking about her love to Sridevi, wishing her well on her birthday and talking how she became a huge Sri fan since the 1980s. We thank Deepa for giving us the permission to share this video on our website.

Our friend Deepa is well known as one of the strongest pillars of Sridevi's fandom club, but what not many know is the amount of huge passion, dedication and hard work she put into it. It is hard to express the work that has been done by Deepa or still is doing for Sri's fandom club. She is one of the most humble persons, never asks for any credit even when not given. Whatever work she does she do it purely in love to Sri and her fans and never, not even once asked for any credit for that in any way or even a simple thank you, but we want to change that and want to thank her and give her all the credit she deserves be it for the videos or for her other hard work. When she says she is Sridevi's worshiper we 100% believe her because it truly shows.

Deepa we love you for all this and keep rocking as you always do.  
A humble request to you guys to thumb up the videos and write few words if possible in the comments on Youtube.
<![CDATA[Happy Birthday!]]>Sun, 13 Aug 2017 07:25:50 GMThttp://sridevi.biz/news/happy-birthdayWe wish the diva a very happy birthday. May this year be all success, prosperity and happiness.
Many many returns on the day!
Join us and wish the Last Empress a very happy birthday either on Twitter or in the comments below.
<![CDATA[Mom's Trailer Out!!  Suspense is intact!]]>Sat, 03 Jun 2017 10:22:03 GMThttp://sridevi.biz/news/moms-trailer-out-suspense-is-intactThe trailer is out. It is excellent. Visually beautiful and very suspensful. The great thing about the trailer that it does not give any kind of clue of the story and keeps the suspense and mystery intact. This is what we expect from a trailer of a thriller/suspense movie. Enjoy!
<![CDATA[Mom's trailer will be released today!]]>Sat, 03 Jun 2017 07:14:40 GMThttp://sridevi.biz/news/moms-trailer-will-be-released-todayDo we have to express how much excited we are? Nope we don't because we know you are the same too. Today the most anticipated trailer of the year will be released. So the magic has to begin. We hope the trailer is so good and we expect it to be after the wonderful teaser.

Here are two more awesome posters of the film
<![CDATA[Mom's New Posters]]>Thu, 01 Jun 2017 08:18:38 GMThttp://sridevi.biz/news/moms-new-postersThree new beautiful posters are released for Mom! Things are getting more excited! Which one is your favorite?
<![CDATA[Rajamouli, WHO ARE YOU?]]>Wed, 31 May 2017 10:42:35 GMThttp://sridevi.biz/news/rajamouli-who-are-you
We have kept quiet a lot since the media has been going rounds on how Sridevi rejected a role in Baahubali. Of course this is nothing new. This used to happen in the 80s and 90s because it is SRIDEVI not just any actor. Her name alone has more weight and more value to it than those feature films. Do you remember "She’s not Sridevi. She’s Radha". that was in early 80s and right on the poster of that film. They were just using her name to sell their film. Sri’s name sells better, a known fact.
So with all the media talking about why Sri rejected the film due to disagreement about the fees is just a normal thing. It happens a lot everywhere in Bollywood, South Indian industry or even Hollywood. What is most important that Sridevi never talked about it, she never said she was offered and rejected the film due to any reason. This is how it is done professionally. The veteran actress knows that the role went to someone else and it is not appropriate to talk about a role she has not done. This was Sri’s policy not from now but right from the early days in her career. This lady is all respect and dignity. She respects her colleagues and she deserves to be respected for that.
The Times of India has made an interview lately with the director of Baahubali and he has spoken in a so unprofessional tone saying the most absurd things! Yes, there are unprofessionalism in the industry but to go to that low level is just too much and specially when this comes from a director of a film. It seems the success of his latest film has inflated the head of this director like a balloon so much that he forgot who he is. So we think it is time to pop up his balloonic head and remind him of who he is.
Here is what he said:
“We were lucky that Sridevi rejected our offer to play Sivagami's role in 'Baahubali: 2”
"After hearing series of wishes from her (Sridevi), our team got fed up. We also thought that it would be above our budget to meet her demands. Then we approached Ramya Krishnan and she proved herself fantastic and we now feel, we were lucky that we dropped the idea of having Sridevi in our film."
Our Reply to him:
First: It seems the director is still having a grudge that Sridevi rejected his offer. It is obviously more than just a disappointment. I’m sure you can already feel the anger in his words. Now he even claims that he was inclined more to cast Ramaya. Man, get over it. Sridevi rejected your offer, end of story, stop being a crybaby. You were lucky? Hell no, we Sri fans are the lucky ones. If Sridevi wants to do these kind of films that has no scope or substance she should demand at least 10 crore for it in addition to a percentage from the box office collections. Why we are saying this? Because we do NOT want Sridevi to take these kind of projects. She was not meant to be a side role in insignificant films. Just because the film is a big hit that does not mean your film Mr. Rajamouli is a good one.
Second: Why would Sridevi lower her price and demands for you? Who are you? What is your body of work? You are a new director who made only 12 films or so. Your past work is not significant and has less value than a D grade Hollywood Indie director. So why would Sri take the risk with you and the small part you offered her? It is not that you offered her the main role or anything huge to make such compromises. Plus you are not the first person Sri rejects to work with. Who are you compared to Gulzar, Yash Chopra or Steven Spielberg? Are you even 10% of what these big names are? Nope, I don’t think so. Sridevi was offered films by these big directors and rejected them. Sri has rejected Yash Chopra’s last dream project 5 times, but did he go on the press to unprofessionally say things like you have said? No. She even rejected every film he offered her after Lamhe. Still the man was a gentleman and even appeared in Sri’s comeback film premiere. Just learn something because with this kind of behaviour you are not going to last. Don’t be arrogant.
Third: If you were looking for someone CHEAP why would you go to Sridevi? Yes, Sridevi is a pan Indian star that has a universal appeal in both south and north in the same degree (She is still the only one who has this position) but she is NOT cheap. Sri was never cheap. From the 1980s Sridevi was the highest paid star after Amitabh Bachchan and she continued to be the highest until 1997 when she stopped signing films. She is the first Female star whose fees touched the 1 crore at times when many big names were charging in lakhs so why would she lower her fees for you? If you wanted a cheaper option you should have looked somewhere else.
This is what late Yash Chopra said about her. Read it Rajamouli and learn a little:
“Putting her in a five star hotel, paying for air fare and other expenses is a package deal when you sign Sridevi. There is nothing surprising about it. Filmmakers know she's worth every penny they pay her, that is why they sign her.” Yash Chopra  (Star & Style, July, 1991)
Fourth: Why do you say you were lucky? Because Sridevi’s presence might have reduced what you have earned? Your fees and your percentage? We think that is why you think you were lucky. It is all about greed. While he himself earned about 28 crore plus a percentage of the revenues poor Ramaya might have been paid less than 2 crores!! Do you see guys why now he says they were lucky? It is all about greed. It is all about HIMSELF!
It is a well known fact that in every film industry nowadays stars in addition to their fees they get a percentage of revenues, because people go to see the stars but for this film a director with hardly any body of work has done a trick and secured himself a huge salary on the expense of the other stars of the film. Thank god Sridevi was not a part of this bullshit.
Fifth: Let us remind Rajamouli that you were not lucky that you DROPPED the idea of having Sridevi, but she has rejected your offer (which obviously left you in a bad taste). You in this particular interview have said it yourself that she rejected your offer so keep that in mind.
Sixth: Please stay away from Sridevi. Your films and film making style do not have any appeal to most Sridevi fans. So look for other actors who will be ready to take pennies while you eat their salary portions alone. We are not interested. If Sridevi's name was not brought into all this we would have no idea that you even existed! Just zip your mouth from now on and be professional. 
<![CDATA[Mom's Teaser surpasses the 1 Million views!!]]>Sun, 02 Apr 2017 07:13:12 GMThttp://sridevi.biz/news/moms-teaser-surpasses-the-1-million-views
Sridevi's Mom teaser was released on youtube to a great response. The teaser has surpassed the 1 Million views in less than 24 hours! and more than 11,000 likes! Congratulations.
Do we have to say how amazing the teaser is? And if you want some goosebumps then just listen to Sri's lines in the end of the video.
Can someone get July fast here?!! We cannot wait.
<![CDATA[Mom's motion poster is very chilling]]>Sat, 01 Apr 2017 08:59:07 GMThttp://sridevi.biz/news/moms-motion-poster-is-very-chillingIt is very chilling and very thrilling. No need to say more, just watch it.
<![CDATA[And The Legend is back!]]>Tue, 14 Mar 2017 08:20:28 GMThttp://sridevi.biz/news/and-the-legend-is-back
We cannot get over how terrific is the poster/first look of Sridevi's Mom is! You have the marvellous actress in an intense pose with Mom word written in so many languages. The colors, the intensity and the writtings all add up to the brilliance of this poster. Kudos to whoever made it. 

Guys, are you excited too? it is exactly 4 months from today and we can see Sridevi creating her magic on screen. The movie's release date is set on the 14th of July 2017! The other amazing fact is that Mom will be Sridevi's 300th film. Wow just wow. Congratulation to Srideviji and all her fans.

It is good to mention that the final shootings for the film are still going on in Bangkok and hopefully it will go soon in post production. Nawazuddin Siddiqui who plays an important character in the film talked about Sridevi saying that she is the best actress in the country. "I signed the film around ten days ago and was blown away by the thriller's script. Most of my scenes are with Srideviji. In my opinion, she is the best actress in the country. I have seen so many of her films, and Sadma and Chandni are my all-time favourites."

Then there is Karan Johar who tweeted about the poster saying
"Her 300th film....50 year career....my favourite actor....SRIDEVI.....in and as....."
And then we have The Legend herself tweeting about the poster"When a woman is challenged... Here's presenting the first look of MOM. #MOMFirstLook"
We are soooooo excited! and just cannot wait for the trailer of the film to be released. Expecting that to be around May or June.
<![CDATA[Interview: On her Majesty's Secret Service]]>Mon, 03 Oct 2016 14:38:05 GMThttp://sridevi.biz/news/interview-at-her-majestys-secret-service This time we thought to bring you an interview Sridevi gave to Showtime magazine in August 1990 from our magazine archieve. It is always nice to read these interviews as they give an insight of Sri's huge popularity back then. Of course the title of the interview says it all. "On her Majesty's Secret Service". Now give us one actress who had such words written about her? None!

The journalist in the introduction says:
"She is the only heroine today who demands and gets her price and choice of roles. Sitting cosily on the pinnacle of success, After Sridevi wowed audiences with Mr. India, there has been no stopping her. In Nagina, Nigahen, Chandni and Chaalbaaz her sizzling performances on screen consolidated her position as the numero uno actress today"

In this interview Sri talks about her controversy with Amritraj family, films, her sister's marriage and why she is still dissatisfied with her career in Hindi films compared to south films.
You can read the whole interview HERE