This article has been written by Shobhaa De in October 2012 before the release of Sridevi's comeback film English Vinglish. She has written it very nicely that is why we are adding it to the special features section. Here. It is not a prophecy or anything, but Shobhaa is a clever woman and she knew English Vinglish (2012) would click with everyone, which it did.

Few very nice quote to be shared from the article:
"Will English-vinglish do the trick for the glorious Sri? I’d say, whether or not the movie sets the box office on fire, Sridevi devotees ( countless, across the world) will applaud, whistle and shout during the screenings. "

"More importantly, Sridevi has picked a deglamorised role that relies far more on her histrionics than on those ample curves. That’s a pretty brave decision!"

"The other thing about her comeback, is that she doesn’t sound desperate about it. Unlike most of her rivals. She, more than any of them, appears relaxed and chilled out about her big decision to taste stardom all over again. With an attitude like that, Sri has nothing to lose!"

Absolutely right Shobhaa De, Sridevi is a winner no matter how English Vinglish would have performed at the box office, but of course EV succeeding in such a big way made the victory even bigger and the taste sweeter!