We have just posted about this earlier today and got the answer to it  instantly. No surprise at all, Why should Sridevi go and play a mother character that has no significance? Does she need even to say or explain why she rejected the film? Lower price and probably insignificant role. a big NO from Sridevi and from her fans too. Good luck in hunting for the suitable actress Prabhas. Next time when you offer The Queen something make sure it is special and extraordinary.
No, we don't think so. This was reported by ILuvCinema.in but the news itself has a lot of contradictions with what we know about Sridevi. Every other day there is a news that Sridevi was offered a film here or there. This is something good for sure, but would Sri agree to do them all. Of course not. One thing we know very well about Sridevi that she is very very picky when it comes to choosing films. She rejected big filmmakers, directors and actors offers in the past. She has been maintaining her legacy very well and we think she will continue to do so.

This report suggested that Sridevi has been offered Rs 2 Crore while we all know that Sri's current price is Rs 5 Crore as per many other sources. That itself makes this news not accurate. Now whether she was offered the role or not we have to wait and see but what we know is that Sridevi has said a big NO to ordinary mother roles that offer nothing special. She is special and if you want her in your film then offer her something special. That is what Sri wants and all her fans as well.