This is the latest news by Times of India. Sridevi recently attended the music launch of Marathi film Aga Bai Arechya 2. In the event she even said few nice words about the state, its people and the film.
Sridevi said: "I'm indebted to Maharashtra and share a deep connect with this beautiful state, which has given me so much in life. The story of the film 'Aga Bai...' is very simple and touching. And I specially want to congratulate Nishad, the music director, who has got such an amazing break in this Kedar Shinde film."

So to make it short the answer to the above question is No. Just because Sri played a Maharashtrian wife in English Vinglish and attended the unveiling of a Marathi film does not make her working in one. Actually if you read TOI's full article you see nothing supports the question in their title. When Sri says herself what she is doing then we are going to believe it.