Sridevi is all set to rule your hearts and reign in your territory in October 1st, the official release day of Puli. There will be a clash with Akshay Kumar's Singh is Bling. We wish both the films a great success. History might repeat itself again when in 2012 English Vinglish was released a week after Akshay's Oh My God! Both films succeeded critically and commercially.
Puli's teaser just got released. At the 10th second from the video the magic starts. Queen Meenakshi rises from her throne! She stands up, she walks, she rules. Look at the attitude! All elegance, all confidence and all regal!
What else would you expect from Sridevi but perfection and versatility!

Is this the same lady who played the down to earth sweet and struggling Shashi Godbole in English Vinglish? Yes she is the same yet her magic is different from a film to another.
Play the video on loop and enjoy watching Queen Meenakshi! 
This is the latest news by Times of India. Sridevi recently attended the music launch of Marathi film Aga Bai Arechya 2. In the event she even said few nice words about the state, its people and the film.
Sridevi said: "I'm indebted to Maharashtra and share a deep connect with this beautiful state, which has given me so much in life. The story of the film 'Aga Bai...' is very simple and touching. And I specially want to congratulate Nishad, the music director, who has got such an amazing break in this Kedar Shinde film."

So to make it short the answer to the above question is No. Just because Sri played a Maharashtrian wife in English Vinglish and attended the unveiling of a Marathi film does not make her working in one. Actually if you read TOI's full article you see nothing supports the question in their title. When Sri says herself what she is doing then we are going to believe it.
Sridevi's versatility does not stop in her acting and portraying the different characters. It extends to go on to her dances on screen too. We truly believe that Sridevi is the ultimate versatile dancer in Bollywood. Yes, of course there are other good dancers there. But the difference between them and Sridevi is in the versatility and dancing as per the character. That is what makes Sri's dance outshines others. The Queen has different moods for different songs. She is a true actress. Someone who lives her characters and goes into their skins and that include the songs that involves the character too.

There are many many examples. Last can be mentioned is Navrai Majhi from English Vinglish. Sri have a small part dancing in the song but it is not her who is dancing. It is Shashi Godbole. She was totally in character.

Today is the international dance day and we have made the below picture which depicts Sridevi in different moods. She has many dances but we have chosen these 9 dances:

1- Bubbly: Mere Haathon Mein Nau Nau Chudiyan (Chandni): Sridevi in a bubbly mood doing all the dance. Saroj Khan did not want any other girl to dance with her. She said that both she and Yash Chopra wanted the full attention to be on Sridevi. The song is one of the most used in weddings and Sridevi's dance is iconic.

2- Elegant: Tandav (Chandni): Are we exaggerating if we say that there is no more beautiful tandav in the whole history of Indian Cinema than this one? Sridevi in white is so elegant and gorgeous that it really makes this like an unearthly or a dream sequence.  It is too good that words are not there to explain. This has to be the most elegantly danced and looked tandav.

3- Venomous: Main Teri Dushman (Ngaina): The Song that shot Saroj Khan's name into fame. Even though Saroj was working since the 1960s but it was because of Sridevi that she got a name. Director Harmesh Malhotra said that this song was a normal song and a normal situation but it was because of Sridevi's performance that it became so famous even today. Here you see Rajni confronts her enemy with her sharp facial expressions. 

4- Glamorous: Naino Mein Sapna (Himmatwala): Her glittery costumes, her movements, her beauty all what made this song a big hit. The song is shot very beautifully. Yes there are pans and pots but what stands out here besides the music is Sridevi's dance steps with Jeetendra. 

5- Funny: Hawa Hawai (Mr. India): Saying she is just funny is underestimation. Sridevi or precisely Seema here is just too fun in the song. The lyrics is funny but what brings it to life is her facial expressions specially in that gold costume. That particular facial expression where she closes one eye and winks is completely priceless. 

6- Rage: Dushman Dil Ka Jo Hai Mere (Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja): You want to see rage? then watch this song. Yes grand sets and props but what is more grand is the rage in Sridevi's eyes. The big teary eyes will capture your heart. For us the best moments of this song are when the camera fully focuses on Sridevi's face. The end sequence of the song is magnificent by all means.

7- Sensuous: Har Kisi Ko Nahin Milta (Janbaaz): Sensuous and also Surreal. The song has a catchy beat, an awesome lyrics. but the contribution Sridevi gave to this song is immense. This was to be shot in western clothes but Sri insisted on the sari. She told Feroz Khan that if he did not like it she is ready to reshoot in Western. The cat walk sequence was the first shot. Everyone was so impressed by Sri. Feroz Khan told his cinematographer "She is angel. I want her to fly in the sky" From there the cinematographer added the background skies to the song. Boney Kapoor challenged Shekhar Kapur to represent Sri as sensuous in Mr. India which he did in Kaate Nahin Katte. But we still think that Janbaaz song has more sensuality to it.

8- Folkloric: Morni Baga Ma Bole (Lamhe) Pallavi dancing to the voice of Lata Mangeshkar in Rasjthan's desert. The Yellow blue outfit was such a beauty to look at but it was the saucer eyed Sridevi that you would stare at all the time. The song is such a treat to listen to and watch. It is one of the highlights of the film.

9- Comedian: Na Jane Kahan Se Aayee Hai (Chaalbaaz): Have you ever felt Sridevi resembled those beautiful anime characters? If you never felt so then probably you have not seen this song. Her look, the way she dressed, her big eyes. She is so cute and funny just like those cute anime characters. The portion where she holds her white umbrella and the last part of the song where it says zu zu zu zu zu make you feel that an anime film just became real and that beautiful character came to live!

Sridevi has many more memorable dances but we thought to present the distinctive ones that truly prove that she is the best Bollywood dancer.

Happy International Dance Day guys!
We have added to the interview section an interesting interview of Sridevi with Rediff from 2012. Here Sridevi talks about her break from films, English Vinglish, Vidya Balan, Rani Mukherji, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan & Hrithik Roshan. 
Also she talks about the film she would love to do, Boney Kapoor's Mr. India 2 & answers questions about her daughter Jhanvi joining films.
Read the whole interview HERE
This title once was the cover story of one of the magazines 30 years ago in late 80s. The story was about how other heroines look up to Sridevi's body of work, how they admire her performances, how much they wish that they had similar roles and how every interview of other heroines was incomplete without mentioning the name Sridevi! Her name was always brought up be it by the host or the heroine who was interviewed. She was the standard of perfection. If a heroine was to be evaluated then critics, filmmakers and public too would put her up against Sridevi and evaluate the new girl!! Thats how Sridevi was and the story today is not any different!

Sri is still the one or at least the most actress that gets mentioned when heroines are asked about role model or dream role! None of her rivals or to be precise media made rivals ever get mentioned the way Sridevi does. They cannot compete in that area at all.

Few days ago had this article under the title "Celebrities pick the iconic roles they would love to play" and no surprise Sridevi's name was mentioned by two of the actresses. Here what they said:

Sushmita Sen picked: Shashi Godbole (English Vinglish)
"I bow down to Sridevi when I see films like English-Vinglish. She is one of the reasons I become an actress. I would have loved to do something like that."
Alia Bhatt Picked: Anju/Manju (ChaalBaaz), Benazir (Khuda Gawah)
"I am not sure I will be able to do it, but I would live to play Sridevi in Chaalbaaz. I saw the film recently and I was bowled over by her sheer talent. She played both diametrically opposite roles so beautifully. Another film I was very impressed with was Khuda Gawah. I did a horse riding sequence for Shandaar recently and I was so scared, even after I underwent all that training, In Khuda Gawah, she has so many horse-riding sequences and she seems so much at ease. I don't think I can do justice to any of her roles but I would like to reprise her on the big screen."
Wonderful what both of them said about Sri and her performances. Both have also been added to what others say section.
Sridevi has given one of her best career performances in English Vinglish. They are many for sure. No doubt, She Conquered, she ruled and we all loved it. Recently The American Bazaar website has made a Top 10 list of the best female centric Bollywood Films in the Last 10 years and of course Sridevi's English Vinglish was one of them. However and unfortunately the movie did not become India‚Äôs official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film category in Academy Awards that year as they mentioned in their article.

It was very unfortunate that the Academy award jury in India did not select this film which had a much international appeal to it. We guess politics play a big part in their decisions or else they would not have sent a movie like Barfi the year before which suffered from plagiarism! The Academy Award in the US did not even bother to look at it. It was a lost case already!  
No, this is not a tutorial or a guide of how to be a fan! because simply love cannot be taught. It just happens. & loving Sridevi just comes from the heart of her fans. Each one of us has his own ways in expressing that love. Each one shows it in his own unique beautiful way. Today our feature post is about a die hard Sridevi fan who showed it again and again. Rajan Naidu, the name must be very well known to many Sri fans and if you are reading this and you still do not know him then keep reading because Rajan can show you what a fan can do for his favorite star.

When English Vinglish (2012) was about to be released our friend Rajan went on to celebrate the occasion in his own way. He booked the whole Maxus theatre for the 7.30 pm which has a seating capacity of 290 seats! He paid Rs 5000 in advance to the theatre. All family and friends were present there to share with Rajan his love. The news got spread and reached news agencies which posted about it be it Times of India, Bharat Student etc.. It was all over the place and we were very proud of Rajan for showing this beautiful gesture for Sri's comeback film. 

Times of India said "There have been tales of fans standing in long queues for hours at a stretch to get tickets for films featuring their favourite stars. But booking an entire screen in advance isn't something one has heard in quite a while.". While  Daily Bolly said "It’s genuine to say that once a time the actress was dominating the whole Bollywood platform as the numero-uno starlet and hardly had there any comparison of other B-town actresses with her. But we got surprised to see the obsession still exiting among her fans and you will be surprised to know that one of her dead-end fans Rajan Naidu have booked a whole theatre for private screening of her upcoming movie ‘English Vinglish’ even much before the movie releases!"

 There is also a beautiful video posted by Rajan himself giving a speech there just before the screening.
That's not all. Rajan's story does not end there! It actually starts from there. He has written a wonderful post on his facebook page about his meeting face to face with The Last Empress Sridevi and how she met him and his wife warmly. Not only this but Sri has also named his first born as Daivik which means Divine. She held the baby, blessed him and also gifted him. The story is just too beautiful to be summarized that is why we have included it fully as he wrote it in a new section we have created called "FANS CORNER" where we will feature Sri's fans with their stories from time to time.

Thank you Rajan for sharing your story and experience with us. We are very proud of you.

Rajan's whole post, pics and videos can be found HERE
This was a a beautiful article written on Bollywood Life. A poll has been conducted. One of the many polls that Sridevi won that year. The poll was about voting for the most powerful character of 2012. Sridevi won the poll with over 74% of the votes! Isn't that great? Not just the number of votes but how Sridevi played a vulnerable and fragile character and turned her in the film to a powerful one without exaggeration. Sridevi made the audience care about Shashi Godbole and made them want her to succeed. We laughed, cried, got upest for her sorrows and happy for her joy. That is what acting should be, to live a character and not just play it. Sridevi gets the full mark for that.

Another nice thing about the below article how they included some of the fans comments too. Our dear friend Rajan Naidu who is one of Sridevi's die hard fans and very well known for his immense contributions in Sridevi's fandom says "Sridevi is undoubtedly the HERO of this movie". Yes Rajan, you said it right, she is the HERO with caps, just like how she was and still is. Another fan from Dubai Khaled Khalifa shared his experience in the theater while watching English Vinglish. He clearly points how Sridevi is a universal star and has an international appeal. Yes our Devi conquered the world with her wonderful comeback. She is the most powerful woman indeed.
The things we do as fans for our Sridevi are beyond belief. We love her, no doubt. And be sure that the elegant lady loves us back too. In November 2012 a big group of die hard and very loyal Sridevi fans decided to throw a success party at PVR Theater in Mumbai celebrating the huge success and appreciation that English Vinglish has received. Fans have requested the film director the gorgeous Gauri Shinde to join with Sridevi and be part of this celebration.

Gauri Shinde arrived and she was very sweet, down to earth. She did not behave like a director of a successful film, but a normal person. Fans were whistling, clapping and cheering at the screening and Gauri was watching them and laughing at their reactions to what was happening on the screen. We are sure she has felt all the love and affection that her wonderful film received by the fans and audiences. 

At the interval Sridevi arrived! fans were ecstatic! That day Sridevi had an eye injury and the doctor asked her not to leave home for few days until her eye gets fine. Despite this the queen still made it to the event! She welcomed all the fans with her beautiful gentle smile, She spoke in Tamil with some of the fans. All fans questions were answered too! Fans also asked her to do the Michael Jackson dance step from the the film which she did! Sri was very very humble and cooperative. She signed each and every autograph without any fuss or acting starry! 

When the event came to an end and she was about to leave the venue a small girl aged 7-8 years went running towards Sri asking her for a picture. Her manager said "Sorry, enough, Madam has to leave now" but Sri interrupted and posed with the little girl with her hand on the girl's shoulders. Sri also thanked all the fans for their continuous love and support. 

This was a fun filled evening. Having your absolute favorite superstar in front of you in that humble and down to earth way. Everybody felt the love and warmness in this joyful togetherness. When the evening came to an end and both Sridevi & Gauri left some of the fans had tears in their eyes. The tears of joy that they will never forget.

Date of the event: 5th November 2012
Venue: PVR Theater in Mumbai
Story & Pictures have been contributed by one of Sridevi's die hard fans and one of the strongest pillars in Sridevi's fan club, our dear friend Deepa Bhatia.

All the pictures can be seen in the gallery ==> Events & Functions ==> 2012. You can find them HERE