Sridevi's attention to the finest details is not a surprise, at least not to her directors and colleagues. She pays lots of attention to many details that even sometimes the finest directors may forget to. Sri knows how to face the camera, position herself and light her face. These are some of the important details an actor should be able to focus on besides performing.

Today we will talk about two incidents or situations that clearly show why Sridevi is the perfectionist. The first was said by Raj Kanwar the director of Laadla. Everybody knows that Sridevi replaced Divya Bharti after she passed away and that Divya has shot many scenes. There is one scene that Sridevi had with Farida Jalal where she cuts her wrist with a knife. Raj Kanwar said that after the take where Sri cuts her wrist and before starting to shoot the following portion of the scene, Sridevi asked for water. He was thinking that she wanted to drink. but she wasn't. The empress poured few drops on her face and on her neck to show that she has sweated!. Raj Kanwar said that when he shot the same scene before with Divya Bharti neither himself nor the other actress even thought of this. He was very pleased to see Sridevi's contribution when he himself did not think about that. He said that is why she is his favorite.
The second incident is from another Raj Kanwar direction too. Sridevi's last film before her hiatus, Judaai. Urmila Matondkar was her co star in that film and Urmila has done a fabulous job with her performance. However, said that there is this scene that clearly shows Sridevi as the more experienced actor and the more paying attention to the finest details. 
The scene is when Urmila marries Anil Kapoor and hands the money briefcase to Sridevi. Of course a big briefcase with a huge amount of money like that would be very heavy. In this scene when Urmila carries the briefcase she holds it with her fingers which gives you the impression that it is an empty one. Just look at the magic when the same briefcase goes to Sridevi's hands, the way she carries it, her body language and her facial expressions make sure that the viewer gets the idea of how heavy and loaded it is. Look at the below picture to see what we mean.
This whole thing might have slipped from the director's mind but our Empress Sridevi was there to show it. These are just few examples to show why Sridevi is the perfectionist.