Nivedita Mishra is a writer from Hindustan Times. She wrote her feedback on Puli's teaser and then again on the trailer released few days ago. We don't have anything personal against the writer but we thought to write our reply to what she has written. The post will be a part from the article and our reply to that particular part.
First thing the writer knows the word fantasy but looks like she is mixing between fantasy and historical. That is the First Mistake. Fantasy is completely different than historical. Definition of fantasy is imagination especially when extravagant and unrestrained.
And how does Fantasy genre in films  defined? it is something that contains rudiments that are not realistic, such as magical powers, talking animals, etc. Fantasy is often characterized by a departure from the accepted rules by which individuals perceive the world around them; it represents that which is impossible (unexplained) and outside the parameters of our known, reality. Make-believe is what this genre is all about. A fantasy has no language, land or look.

Second Mistake: The writer maybe have not watched enough movies. Nivedita ji haven't you seen Hollywood produced films like Aladdin or Sinbad? These and many other films were loved by audience and critics & we have not seen Hollywood critics say that Sinbad was not white or blue eyed! they did not say that western people should not wear these clothes! Why? because their critics know the meaning of the word fantasy and you don't. See the below picture. This is Sinbad! White with blue eyes!
Why go to Hollywood. Have you seen Bollywood films? Haven't you seen films like Alibaba Aur 40 Chor? Ajooba or even Dharmendra's Superman? Do you think Indians should not make movies that has a bit of Persian/Arab culture or Western look? A fantasy film has no land, no language. A fantasy film can happen anywhere. Puli is no different here. 

Third Mistake: Writer has assumed that Puli is taking place in India! This is not true, Puli is not taking place in India simply because it is a fantasy film. Just because the film is made in India does not necessarily mean it takes place there. Names, places and everything about the movie is completely fictional. That is what a fantasy is about.
Fourth Mistake: The writer keeps repeating herself again and again. Her problem is that the look of the film is western and the film is an Indian one! Did you see films like Vikram Bhatt's 1920? Did India look like that or Indian wear like that in the 1920s? Did you watch Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Guzaarish? Where was the setting of the film? Do Indians wear like that? bearing in mind that both these films were not even fantasies! One was a horror film and the other was more a romantic drama. 
Fifth Mistake: Why does Puli have to be Baahubali? These are two different films with two different genres! How can you compare the two? Other than both being made with high budget and with lots of CGI use there is no other similarity! Actually we are glad that Puli is so different. Kudos to the makers for making it very different. The writer wants every movie to look the same to her own taste, That is not going to happen.
For all the above the writer gets a thumb down from us and Hindustan Times also gets another thumb down for posting this article not once but twice.

Our advise to the respected writer Nivedita Mishra is to grab a dictionary and learn the correct meaning of the word Fantasy!

To read the original article by the writer click HERE
It was all stars and glittery for Superstar Chiranjeevi's 60th birthday on the 22nd of August. Of course Sridevi had to be there too to wish Chiruji a happy birthday. After all they paired together in some of the biggest blockbusters of Telugu cinema. Sridevi attended the party with her husband Boney Kapoor. She appeared in a mint glittery sari by Manish Malhotra and finished her look with diamonds and a matching clutch. She was the Chandni of the night. Truly beautiful and elegant.
More pics can be found HERE
Just a while ago the trailer of Puli was released. We are excited to see Sridevi back in Tamil cinema. In the trailer Sridevi speaks with her eyes, body language and mannerism. She is a great actress after all and acting is her lethal weapon. Some Screen caps of Sridevi from the trailer and the trailer itself. Watch it, give it a thumb up and don't forget to comment on Youtube. Sridevi rocks!
A very very happy birthday to one of the greatest artists in the world. 
- An artist who defined what acting is.
- An artist who broke the barrier between male and female.
- An artist with her talent came and conquered a male dominated film industry and rewrote its name as One Woman Industry
- An artist who was named Himmatwali & Ms. India due to her strong screen presence.
- An artist who was voted as India's best actress ever in 100 years.
- An artist who is considered the Chandni of Bollywood
- An artist whose milk was acting since early age.
- An artist who showed that art is not about language and that no matter where you work, if you are extraordinary you will be extraordinary every where.
- An artist who like an alien played different roles on the screen and made us wonder if this was the same person who played them all.
- An artist that conveys her messages with her eyes without the need to talk.
- An artist who respects her audience and fans by showing them a woman has more to do in films than dance on songs.
- An artist who balanced between being a popular star and a terrific actress.
- An artist despite all her glories is very soft spoken and always down to earth
- An artist who keeps reinventing herself with time, she was the past, she is the present and she will be the future.
- An artist who is always in our hearts and when she made her comeback after 15 years she reminded everyone that there is no one better than her.

Happy Birthday to our Last Empress Sridevi

It is said that Sridevi has completed shooting her part in Puli and now she is concentrating on the preparations of her own home production film "Mother". Initially there were some news that Kamal Hasan's daughter Akshara will be approached but that did not happen for bad or for good. So for now Boney Kapoor and Sridevi are looking for the right girl to play that character & it seems they will be looking for a new face instead. 
The film will be more about Stepmom and Stepdaughter story. The relationship between them and the conflict that may arise. Of course this sounds damn interesting. Just give Sridevi the scope and the right subject and she can show her domination. After all this is THE SRIDEVI.
We are all looking forward for this project. How excited you are?