Next week and precisely in June 5th both Sridevi and Kajol will be heading to Dubai to attend the Asiavision Radio and Television Awards 2015. Sridevi will be bestowed with the Icon of India at the event, while Kajol will be the Pride of India honor. We know how both of them are very talented and totally deserving it.
To all the fans in Dubai don't miss this opportunity. Get there and be sure to take a picture or two with your favorite star.
Sridevi's attention to the finest details is not a surprise, at least not to her directors and colleagues. She pays lots of attention to many details that even sometimes the finest directors may forget to. Sri knows how to face the camera, position herself and light her face. These are some of the important details an actor should be able to focus on besides performing.

Today we will talk about two incidents or situations that clearly show why Sridevi is the perfectionist. The first was said by Raj Kanwar the director of Laadla. Everybody knows that Sridevi replaced Divya Bharti after she passed away and that Divya has shot many scenes. There is one scene that Sridevi had with Farida Jalal where she cuts her wrist with a knife. Raj Kanwar said that after the take where Sri cuts her wrist and before starting to shoot the following portion of the scene, Sridevi asked for water. He was thinking that she wanted to drink. but she wasn't. The empress poured few drops on her face and on her neck to show that she has sweated!. Raj Kanwar said that when he shot the same scene before with Divya Bharti neither himself nor the other actress even thought of this. He was very pleased to see Sridevi's contribution when he himself did not think about that. He said that is why she is his favorite.
The second incident is from another Raj Kanwar direction too. Sridevi's last film before her hiatus, Judaai. Urmila Matondkar was her co star in that film and Urmila has done a fabulous job with her performance. However, said that there is this scene that clearly shows Sridevi as the more experienced actor and the more paying attention to the finest details. 
The scene is when Urmila marries Anil Kapoor and hands the money briefcase to Sridevi. Of course a big briefcase with a huge amount of money like that would be very heavy. In this scene when Urmila carries the briefcase she holds it with her fingers which gives you the impression that it is an empty one. Just look at the magic when the same briefcase goes to Sridevi's hands, the way she carries it, her body language and her facial expressions make sure that the viewer gets the idea of how heavy and loaded it is. Look at the below picture to see what we mean.
This whole thing might have slipped from the director's mind but our Empress Sridevi was there to show it. These are just few examples to show why Sridevi is the perfectionist. 
Any actress would dream to work for Yash Chopra. Some would not even ask about their role or a script and would say yes immediately. Sridevi worked with him in Lamhe & Chandni. Two films that are considered to be the best of Yashji's career. We all know that Sridevi rejected many Yash Chopra's films after Lamhe. 

Yashji wanted to launch his dream project with Amitabh Bachchan and Sridevi in the lead in 1999. He wanted this film to be the comeback of Sridevi, but Sri rejected the film for unknown reasons. We have no idea why she rejected his film so many times. Even Amitabh Bachchan was very keen to do the film that he asked Amar Singh to speak with her and convince her to do it. but that didn't work too. Yash Chopra has asked Sri so many times for the same project, but Sri politely kept saying no to the film for 5 times in 5 different occasions.  Finally Mr. Chopra had to cancel the whole project because he said that this role was made for Sridevi and he cannot imagine anybody else doing it.

All what we know about Sridevi's rejections in the past that she said if she is going to work again with Yash Chopra the film has to be in the caliber of Chandni & Lamhe. We think that Sridevi have taken the right decision with all the previous rejections, but for this project we have no idea but we still trust her decision. As for Yashji may his soul rest in peace he will be remembered for many years for his great work.
We all know that Puli is set to be released in 2015. The confirmed reports are suggesting that release date would be September 17th. At the moment different sources suggest that Sridevi has two Hindi film projects and one more South film in her kitty. So in total we should expect 4 films to be released for her in the future.

In Hindi there is her own home production Mother. Although the title is not 100% confirmed but we will call it that until there is an official announcement. Then there is another unannounced project of a film where Sridevi will be seen in the lead. Now will that be Balki's film project where Sridevi and Amitabh Bachchan paired together? could be possible and we think this pairing will be a very interesting one.
Then there is another South movie that Sridevi showed some interest in but did not sign or confirm it yet.

We have not included Mr. India 2 here because this has taken way long time than necessary. Although Boney Kapoor said many times that the script is being worked on but it is been taking an eternity. 

So what we think that after Puli's release Sridevi's full concentration will be on her next Hindi film Mother. If all things go well Mother might get a release date either end of this year or early 2016.
So lets make it short here. These are the latest confirmed Puli dates:

First Look: 22 June 2015 (Ilayathalapathy Vijay's birthday)
Teaser Video: July 2015
Trailer & Audio Release: 15 August 2015
Film Release: 17 September 2015

The countdown starts for this Sridevi-Vijay multistarer's first look release - 5 weeks left!
Latest reports suggest that Puli is going to be released on Ganesh Festival that is 17th September. The makers have taken this decision to cash in on the four day weekend. Seems to be a good choice. So far there will be no clashes with other films, but we expect to see some clash for sure as more films get released on holidays.
The shooting is still going on and it is expected to complete by the end of this month.  Still no news about the first look of the film, but we are not expecting it anytime before July specially with the release date being in September and because the film needs some extensive work on CGI which might take months.

All Sridevi and Ilayathalapathy Vijay fans are eagerly awaiting the release of this action fantasy multi-starrer. 
When we say Sridevi is in demand we are not exaggerating. Every few days there is a new film which is approached or to be approached to her.  This time it is make-up artist Subhash Singh who wants Sridevi to play Jacqueline Fernandez's mother in his film History Chemistry. 
He said that he did not approach Sri yet but he will do so by next month.

What do you think guys? Do you think Sridevi will do it? Sridevi's rejections have been way more than the movies she accepted. if we can estimate the ratio it is like 1 movie accepted in every 20 offers! We hope the offer is something suits her caliber as a superstar or else Sri fans will say NO to such offer before Sri herself!
of course we all know that Sridevi worked with Sanjay Dutt in one film that is Gumrah, but have you wondered before why they never worked in the 1980s? Sanjay Dutt was paired with many actresses from the 1980s be it Padmini Kolhapure, Anita Raj, Amrita Singh, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Madhuri Dixit, Mandakini, Jaya Prada, Farha, Sonam, Rati Agnihotri, Tina Munim & others but never with the No.1 actress of the 80s decade Sridevi?
Well, the answer is there and probably some of you know it. Maybe there are others who don't know about it hence we will explain as the story was told by Sanjay Dutt himself in one of his interviews to Filmfare magazine. Sridevi's side of story is unknown because she never talks about what happens behind the cameras.
The incident goes back to 1983 when Sridevi was shooting for Himmatwala. Those days as Sanjay said were not his best days and he was not proud of them. He was hooked on alcohol and drugs most of the time. A friend told him about this chand ka tukda girl (Sridevi) working with Jeetendra. Sanjay went to the sets to see this girl while he was very high! The shooting was outdoors and Sridevi was in her trailer. He knocked the door and Sridevi opened the door.  Sanjay says he cannot remember exactly what he said and how he behaved but it was not a good moment and Sridevi was horrified and  immediately shut the door. That was the first impression Sridevi got from him. A not good one. We don't know if there were movies they were offered together but what we know that if Sridevi was signed as the heroine of a film Sanjay Dutt would not be the hero!
In the  end of 1980s when Sridevi was signed for Zameen, she was the first actor who signed the film before all the male actors of the film, Vinod Khanna, Sanjay Dutt & Rajnikanth. The film makers assured her that she will not be having scenes with Sanjay Dutt & that he is paired with Madhuri Dixit. So there was no problem. But that film got shelved due to problems and never saw the light!
Sridevi with Sanjay Dutt & Shilpa Shirodkar in a scene from Khuda Gawah
After that there was the chance of working together in Khuda Gawah, a movie which Sridevi & Amitabh Bachchan signed in 1988. So many changes happened in the cast and crew of that film. Sanjay Dutt and Farha were casted but they walked out eventually and were replaced by Nagarjuna and Shilpa Shirodkar. Sridevi by that time did not mind working with Sanjay as this film was very important to her. Sanjay Dutt shot many scenes for the film but was very uncomfortable on the sets because of the Jumma Chumma (Hum) & Tamma Tamma (Thanedaar) controversy. Amitabh Bachchan was not happy that Bappi Lahiri copied his film tune and also claimed that he was the first that composed it. Even choreographer Saroj Khan was kicked out of the film due to her attitude problem and she was betting that Tamma Tamma was to be the bigger hit which did not happen. Amitabh and the film makers decided it would be best if she is out of the whole project. Later Saroj was brought back to choreograph one song after Sridevi insisted on having her back.
In this video you can see Amitabh Bachchan talking about the whole issue.
Many don't know that Jumma Chumma is originally an African song that Laxmikant Pyarelal composed specifically for Amitabh Bachchan & Sridevi's starrer Ram Ki Seeta Shyam Ki Geeta. Ramesh Sippy asked the music director to compose a grand and catchy song that suits the No.1 actor and the No.1 actress to be presented in the mahurat of the film. It is said that Amitabh & Sridevi even shot a portion of the song, but unfortunately the film got shelved. Luckily we have seen both the superstars dancing together to the song in their London concert.
Then the last chance was Mahesh Bhatt's Gumrah. Mahesh in one of his interviews denied that Sridevi ever asked him to change the hero of the film. He even said that he personally spoke to Sridevi and she clearly told him that she did not mind working with Sanjay Dutt.  Gumrah was a wonderful film and all critics praised the on screen chemistry between Sridevi and Sanjay Dutt. Sajnay Dutt in another interview said that with Sridevi there was only Hi and Hello on the sets and no more communication. He said that even in the last chasing scene where he and Sridevi were holding hands and running when the director said stop Sri moved her hand away from him very fast. He said that she was probably thinking that he is still on drugs and that he does not blame her.
Sanjay Dutt is very fond of Sridevi. In one of his interviews again with Filmfare he put her together with his mom Nargis as the best actresses of India. He also chose her as the most beautiful woman in the world. She was the only Indian lady he chose when he was asked this. One of Sanjay Dutt's all time favorite Bollywood films is Sridevi's Chaalbaaz! So all this shows how much he is in awe of her. 
Sridevi on her side was among the first who expressed her distress when Sanjay Dutt was arrested in the early 1990s she even joined with other actors to show her support for Sanajy Dutt. The below picture shows Sridevi standing beside Raveena Tandon and many others in support of her colleague.
Sridevi & Sanjay Dutt might never act together again, but their film together Gumrah is one beautiful film that has a repeated watching value for all the fans. Both gave  their best and the film is still remembered after so many years.
Below you can watch another video explaining about the Jumma Chumma & Tamma Tamma controversy
Sridevi have attended a new Jewelry collection launch at Gehna Jewelry. She looked amazing in a black cutout Nikhil Thampi suit. Very chic and very elegant. Most fashion sites praised her look and considered it the look of the day:

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- High Heel Confidential: looking smashing in a cutout Nikhil Thampi suit. One to normally go big when it comes to baubles, it was nice to see her opt for a simpler necklace and earrings (from Gehna). I also loved the slight wet hair do here.
- Pinkvilla: Sridevi looks like a million bucks at a jewellery collection launch
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The Kapoor family be it Sridevi, Boney Kapoor & Anil Kapoor have kept everything on hold including Sridevi's own home production film "Mother". The reason is Boney's mother has been admitted to hospital and the sons have been spending most of their time with her there. 
For Anil it has been tougher as his mother in law is in hospital too. The Kapoors are going through tough times, but our prayers are with them for the well being of their beloved moms.